When you are renovating your kitchen, various options are available in the market for countertops. Marble and Quartz Countertops Toronto are two of the most popular materials. Deciding between either of them can be quite an overwhelming task. When you have to determine the stone for the kitchen countertop, it has to be perfect as the kitchen is one of the house’s essential parts. It is a reflection of you. If you are confused between marble and quartz, the following will help you make a more informed decision about which one you should opt for.

Look at the countertop.

Marble undoubtedly is a classic for countertops and will give your kitchen a classy look. In this case, the Quartz countertop is not too far behind. It also has an elegant look. But the feel of both the materials is drastically different. Both the materials will give you an elegant and classy look that you are looking for. However, Quartz is available in more colors and varieties as compared to Marble. Marble is a naturally occurring stone. It is available only in one color in which it appears. Whereas, in Quartz, you can choose from various patterns. Quartz has pigments and resins mixed, which give it the color, and the placement of the veins can be controlled to provide you with a look that you want. This is done without any odd colorations and spots, which are usually present in marble. Quartz countertops have a more consistent look than marble.

The durability of the countertop

While making a decision about which countertop to opt for, one of the main things you need to keep in mind is the material’s durability. Quartz is an engineered material; hence, it has been designed so that it doesn’t etch, stain, or stun, unlike marble. This makes the Quartz countertops easier to maintain. Unlike the marble, the non-porous quality of the Quartz countertops makes it less prone to absorbing moisture and liquids. When you opt for a quartz countertop, you don’t have to worry about spills ruining the countertops’ look and quality. If you drop a heavy skillet on marble countertops, it is bound to leave a mark. These marks which appear because of this are permanent. The marks would be a constant reminder of a spill that happened long ago. Falls are a regular thing in a kitchen, and it is always not possible to remain careful. This makes quartz a better option over marble in this situation.

Maintenance of the countertop

Spills are a regular thing in the kitchen, making maintenance a key factor when deciding on a countertop. The countertop should be easy and fast to clean and shouldn’t have any marks left after cleaning it up. Keeping the ease of maintenance in mind, Quartz is the best option available due to its low maintenance. You don’t have to seal it or use any kind of special cleaner too. At the same time, the marble countertop is high maintenance and is prone to staining.

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