A Comprehensive Guide To Air Duct Cleaning: Facts For Homeowners!

Centralized HVAC units require an extensive network of ducts to transport cool air to every room and corner of the house. Air ducts can harbor dust, contaminants, pet dander, and other kinds of things, which may impact the functioning of HVAC systems and impact indoor air quality. When it comes to maintenance, you have to consider calling a professional air duct cleaning company for the job, so that the work is done efficiently and without any unwanted risks. In this post, let’s discuss more on the need for air duct cleaning and finding the right service.

Why air duct cleaning is important?

As we mentioned, air ducts can contain contaminants, dust, pollen, and even pet dander, which can have a huge impact on the air circulated in each room. If you have kids, pets, or senior parents at home, or have respiratory issues, the problem can lead to severe health problems. It also reduces the optimal working power of heating & cooling units, so you are likely to pay more in energy bills. Not to forget, presence of any kind of inflammable pollutants can lead to a fire hazard. To avoid all of that, you must consider calling a professional service and getting the air ducts checked, at least once or twice a year.

Finding the right service

Not all air duct cleaning companies are same, so start by asking around. Check if the company is known and has good reviews online, or else, you can ask for references too. Cleaning air ducts can be considered a risky job, so ensure that the company is licensed, insured, and has a team of insured and bonded technicians. You can also ask about the process, time needed for cleaning, and if they offer a warranty on the job. Some companies can also offer yearly contractors, so they will send their experts for a check when needed or periodically, and you don’t have to worry about a serious hazard.

Other things to know

How much does air duct cleaning cost? That depends on the work involved. We recommend that you ask for an estimate in advance before the workers start work. Check the quote in detail and ensure that all costs are included. If they have promised something related to warranty, the same should be mentioned on paper.

Professional air duct cleaning is a must for every home, and you must look for a company that takes your call on priority.

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