An Informative Guide to Expanding Your Small Electrical Business

Regardless of the nature of your small business, in order to keep your company afloat, it is logical to always be on the lookout for ways and means of growing and expanding to simultaneously boost profits and secure longevity.

Whether you have launched your electrical business with a view to solely concentrate on commercial contracts or you are focused on becoming the most reliable handyman and electrician in your local area, either way, you have come to the right place.

Here is a concise guide on expanding your small electrical business.

1.    Improve Website Accessibility & Design

Your official company website is one of the most important and influential advertising tools you have, and even though a potential new private or commercial job may initially hear about you from their neighbour or see you on social media, they are most likely going to head to your website immediately.

This is why professional, accessible, eye-catching, informative, authentic and user-friendly website design is absolutely crucial when you are looking to expand. In addition, you could also look into SEO (search engine optimisation) aimed specifically at the area or town that your company operates in.

Comprehensive locally-focused SEO packages include:

  • The creation and editing of new citations
  • Sourcing local competitors and analysing their successful marketing strategies
  • Directing and managing local listing
  • Market analysis and reports on your local service area
  • Analysing citations for every online directory

2.    Upgrade Your Equipment

Now, many people who worriedly call their trusted electrician to come and take a look at a particular faulty appliance have little to no experience in dealing with such matters themselves, and save for the ability to wire a plug, this is where their knowledge ends.

However, some clients will have much more knowledge in the area, and when it comes to business contracts, you cannot overestimate the importance of high-quality equipment and tools linked to recognised brands. This is why trusted wholesale electrical supply companies, such as powerpointelectrics.co.uk, should be your focus when upgrading and updating any item in your electrician’s toolbox, no matter the job.

3.    Cultivate a Strong & Compelling Brand

The third most influential method of expanding your electrical company is to focus your time, efforts and even a little financial expenditure on your branding.

Branding forms the cornerstone of advertising and marketing, as without a recognisable and trusted reputation, the chances of you increasing your revenue are frankly slim to none. Branding is essential to marketing not only because it leads to continued customer loyalty and high levels of customer satisfaction, but it will also attract the clients you are focused on ‘winning’ and will help set you apart from your competitors in what is, right now at least, a saturated market.

By far the most effective way of cultivating a recognisable and trusted brand is to focus on providing a genuine, personal and human service, both in the context of actual call-outs and, indeed, any interaction with current, older, reoccurring and potential customers alike.

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