Going Green at Home: The Easy-Peasy Guide to Carbon-Conscious Living

Carbon is the enemy of the future. Government targets have CO2 firmly in their sights, and this is going to increase the cost of all energy no matter what is happening in the world. The bills are rising, unless we do something about it. Carbon is the problem, not energy, and by making some smart switches in your home you can live a carbon-conscious life at a low cost, now and in the future.

Let the Sun Shine

The biggest impact you can have on your household’s carbon consumption is adding home power generation, and solar power is the perfect solution. Even in the UK, this way of generating electricity is a cost-efficient way to cut down on your carbon emissions and on your electricity bill. You can use the power your panels make to offset your energy bill, or you can store it at home and use it when you need it. Either way, you are saving money while saving the planet.

Check out nowev.co.uk for an idea of all the options available. You can just have panels that take pounds off your power bill, add a home battery to keep the lights on at night, and top it all off with a home charger for an EV. If you want to future-proof your home, and your finances, these are all smart investments, and you can balance them to meet your budget.

Grow Your Own

People massively underestimate the amount of energy and volume of petroleum products that go into keeping the supermarket shelves full. This is before you start considering all the food waste that supermarkets generate every day. The food arrives on trucks, wrapped in plastic, and then you arrive in your car, pay with plastic, put them in another plastic bag, and drive away. And that’s just buying a bag of carrots. For tinned and frozen food, the energy involved is even greater.

Growing your own can not only be better for the planet, but it can also help keep you and your family healthy and wealthy. It’s a wise choice. You save money on your shopping bill by eating the freshest vegetables possible; straight from the garden. Gardening can be a peaceful and rewarding pursuit too; once you get bitten by the farming bug you could be growing a cornucopia of herbs, chillies, and exotic vegetables.

Less Is More

For a simple way to save on your atmospheric carbon output, just turn things off. Everyone spends too much time connected to an electric device, and they all use up power. Even the battery-powered ones need to be recharged. Reconnecting with books, or crafts, or spending time collectively as a family can make a big impact on your carbon footprint. It saves money and brings everyone together too. Watch TV together, not on four different TVs in four different rooms.

Going greener is more than a lifestyle, it’s an investment. When you start to cut your carbon emissions you start to cut your costs. The more you do, the quicker the savings grow. You get plenty of opportunities to add value to your home too, with home solar, EV charging, and a beautiful home farm. Start looking for ways to make the change soon, or you will get left behind in our greener future.

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