An Added layer Of Security with Flyscreens

If you find yourself becoming more and more irritated by the growing presence of bugs and pests in your home through-out the summer months then, you might want to explore the options that are available to you in terms of protection to keep the bugs and pests at bay.

We’ve all had a go at attempting to get rid of flies and mosquitos when they somehow appear in our homes even though we are sure we’ve closed all the doors and windows. Some will have given the spray a go which is affected however, it only lasts a short time so you find yourself going round in never ending circles, pests – buy – spray and start again.

Probably the most fun of all are the ‘zappers’, they use batteries and give off an electric current which in turn, fries the pests. the idea being is that the bugs are attracted to the glow of the trap and fly straight into it.

Nothing more satisfying

 In a weird kind of way, running around trying to spray offending pets with sleep sleepy spray, can actually be quite fun, although it is usually very short lived until you make another trip to the shop to buy another can.

Zappers have to be the most fun, whether you are child or an adult, being the first to grab the zapper and attempt to swat near buy flying menaces, this method is highly affective…. If you actually manage to zap on or even two. The most successful zappers are more of an industrial appliance that you might find in a professional kitchen, most people just have the hand held.

What else can we do?

Although the two options already mentioned can be great fun by way of a quick fix, they certainly are not a long-term solution to your problem. In the search of a highly efficient, very low maintenance, almost fit and forget about product, you may find yourself stumbling across flyscreens and actually you will find that they are the oldest yet most used form of keeping pests away.

There are some really cheap options but they aren’t up to much, there are however, companies that design, make and fit top-class Mandurah flyscreens and security that are made to measure and or fit your existing door. If looked after properly you should have a permanent pest solution could last a lifetime.

Choose quality over ‘cheap’

Have a look online, there are loads of providers but the best is easy to spot. They offer a whole different range of screens and security doors. The great thing about this type of doors is that you get the benefit of not letting pests in as well as the features of a home security door.

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