4 happy kitchen remodel tips

Are you planning to have a new kitchen? Then utilize the following tips from WISE Kitchen Remodeling to prevent you from making mistakes which might turn out to be expensive, eliminating headaches and getting the kitchen that you dream about.

Come up with a full-scale model which you use to try out first

If you want more storage space and counter, then to add a center island might be worth what it costs. But it is possible that the island will limit the number of people who work in the kitchen, reducing traffic flow to become a one way with no passing, and making for the cramped quarters.

You need to try out an island before you commit to one. Come up with a full scale model of the plywood or cardboard and live with it for some days. Ensure that you open your refrigerator doors and your stove. If there is no space for an island, then consider going for the kitchen trolley.

Come up with a temporary kitchen

A temporary kitchen allows you to wash dishes, cook and make your coffee as your main kitchens in out of commission. You need to save a few of your old countertops and cabinets to come up with a makeshift kitchen. You don’t require having a setup which is fancy. The goal here is functionality. Install the cabinets, cutting the countertop to be able to fit in case there is a need. Then try add the items that you require to prepare meals such as oven, toaster, microwave, hot plate and the refrigerator.

Make space for a mini office

If you would wish to use the kitchen to be an office, ensure that it is part of the remodel. You shouldn’t require a lot of space. A small area for seating with a computer station might be enough. During the remodel, you should include internet access and some outlets where you can plug your computer equipment. You can as well add storage space such as recessed walls and shelving so that the paperwork will not get lost or start creating a mess.

Leave a space for a larger fridge

If you plan to get new cabinets but you still feel like keeping your old refrigerator, you should leave enough space between cabinets so that you can be able to replace the fridge with a model which is wider in future.

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