You Need These Tips to Ensure You Get a Sofa That Fits!

The truth is, most people can’t fit a sofa singapore in their car. And if you live on the 12th floor of an apartment building? Forget about it! So what should you do?

You have two options: either buy a smaller couch or follow these tips to ensure that the one you do get fits through your doorways and up flights of stairs.


The first one is about measuring. You have to measure your spaces before you go shopping for a new sofa so that you know what sizes will work in your home and where they’ll fit best.

If a couch is too large, it can block doorways or get stuck going upstairs while being carried by two people – not very comfortable!

Don’t worry if this seems overwhelming at first: there are many tools online specifically designed to help shoppers figure out the size of couches and how much space they occupy.

There’s even an option available on some websites which allows users to upload their measurements from previous purchases then use those numbers when purchasing furniture elsewhere.


In conclusion, you should keep your eyes open for sales, especially following holidays. Many furniture stores have annual “white glove sales” where couches are purchased at a huge discount for those willing to carry them up the stairs.

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