Tips and suggestions to choose the perfect colour carpet for your home

Carpets are not just essential in every space to maintain the insulation of the house in the colder months, but they are also integral designing factors. They dictate the look and feel of any space, which in turn helps you turn any basic space look lavish. Buying simple carpets for your home can be a great investment; all you need is the ‘right’ choice of carpets. Here are some tips that you can follow to get the perfect carpets for your home.

Comprehend the overall tone of the home: The 3 major tones that every space has are warm, cool, and neutral. You can go for carpets that match with the same tone of the overall house. This majorly depends on the colours of furniture, flooring and other home textiles. While getting your carpets you must keep a note of all the colours and check which type of tone they have. Warmer tones usually include shades of red, yellow, and brown on the other hand the cool tones usually include blue and greenish shades.

Understand the Light sources: The light source of every space is variable and some how changes the charm of the room in a very drastic manner. It mainly dictates the whole look of your room. Many designers and decorators go wrong with the choice of carpets making the room very dull or gaudy. There are times when you try to match the vibe or colour tones of your rooms with a well suited colour but the light somehow tends to fail you by not giving enough justice to these crafted carpets.

Decide your accent colour: If you have planned the look of your space then you must have noticed that one colour would be repeated multiple times. And this main colour which is easily noticeable is your prominent colour and the colour that is in contrast to your prominent colour can be a perfect choice for your accent colour. Painting one wall with that accent colour proves to be very effective while styling any space and you can match your carpet

Coordinate with the contrasting palette: Shifting our focus from the accent colour to a separate category of colour that you can choose from that are the contrasting shades of colours. These colours can be chosen from a set of shades that are on the opposite side of the colour wheel. One of the best ways to get the best carpets for your home is by choosing a unique look and feel.

Choose between light and dark shades: We all know the impact light and dark shades pay in a normal span of human life. The colours that you will introduce to your space will make or break the look of any open space. As mentioned above the look and feel of the carpet honestly dictates the whole vibe the carpets will set in a particular room. So whatever light and dark shades you choose for these carpets you need to keep in mind that the frieze texture of the carpet gives a comfortable and casual vibe and on the other hand the classic level loop is perfect for corporate spaces.

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