The Appeal of Custom-Made Furniture Should Be Obvious

You can furnish your home with pieces from the local furniture store. You can shop for furniture online, too. But if you have the money to spend, nothing quite compares to custom-made furniture designed exclusively for you and your home. Just ask the people at Modern Craftsman. They will tell you all about it.

Modern Craftsman is a Salt Lake City, Utah company that makes functional art for residential homes and commercial buildings. Custom-made furniture is right up their alley. They can do amazing things with wood, concrete, and an assortment of other materials.

Nothing Cookie-Cutter, Please

The appeal of custom-made furniture is mostly aesthetic. But there is lots we could discuss in this realm. Let’s do so, beginning with the idea of not filling your home with cookie-cutter furniture. Everybody else does that. You don’t want to follow the crowd.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with production furniture sold in local showrooms. You can get excellent quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal if you know where to look. Even so, show room furniture is production furniture. For every piece you buy, there are potentially thousands of others who have the exact same piece.

Custom-made furniture is unique. What is built for you is built exclusively for you. No one else on the planet has what you have. Exclusivity and uniqueness are two of the key aspects of custom-made furniture.

 An Organic Look

One of the things they try to do at Modern Craftsman is create furniture pieces that appear organic. What does that mean? It means that the furniture looks like a natural extension of the space in which it’s found. It blends in seamlessly with the rest of the structure. By contrast, you can tell that production furniture was purchased from a showroom and placed into the space.

Where wood furniture is concerned, one of the best ways to create an organic look is to commit to locally sourced materials. Assuming the rest of the materials in a given space were sourced locally, furniture made with local woods blends right in. It is as though the room and furniture were made for one another.

 More Modern Appeal

Custom furniture designers are by no means obligated to follow modern design trends. More often than not, they do. Being able to explore modern concepts is one of the benefits of designing and building custom furniture. Most designers are not interested in looking back on what was hot 50 or 100 years.

Along the same lines, designers may use an opportunity to create custom furniture to explore future trends. Though he was an architect rather than a furniture designer, Frank Lloyd Wright was known for that sort of thing. He created his own future in his designs. When others finally caught up to, what was the past to him became the present for them.

Higher Resale Value

There are those who invest in custom-made furniture because it demands a higher resale value when the time comes to put a house on the market. Of course, this stipulates selling the furniture with the home. But if you are the kind of person willing to invest in custom furniture, it is likely that you’ll want new furniture in your new home. You might just as well sell the custom pieces you had designed for your current home.

Custom-made furniture is obviously more expensive. But it appeals to people on multiple levels. Perhaps that’s why homeowners are willing to spend more money on it. If you can afford custom-made furniture, you might find yourself never wanting to settle for show room furniture again.

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