How To Choose The Pool Type For Your Backyard?

You finally have decided to give your backyard a makeover by installing an inground swimming pool. The various variety of construction and material is giving you a sheer headache. Swimming pools are possible in numerous materials. You can make it on your own using rocks and mud or get a more permanent readymade pool for your yard.

There are mainly three types of pools from which you can choose one. Keeping in mind the cost and efficiency of the swimming pool, make an informed decision while choosing. Here is a list of all three types to consider including, swimming pool installation time.

1 – Concrete

Concrete and plaster pool are the most popular types of pools among households. Concrete is a durable form, and the porous surface allows plaster-coated walls to hold water and be stable. The construction is possible on reinforced steel structure and concrete over the dug hole. There is a vast variety of alternative finishes using textures like tiles, pebbles, etc.

Shotcrete or Gunite is a concrete spray-on method. It is also picking up popularity for pool uses. Be creative and choose any shape while making a concrete-based swimming pool. The concrete option can have various design possibilities with the material and design you finalize. Having a strong base of concrete allows for creating more customized and distinct structures on the pool surface.

2 – Fiberglass

Fiberglass pools are a giant bowl kind of swimming pool that is one-piece construction. The fiberglass swimming pool will require a crane to help fix the pool in the dug hole in your backyard. This pool will require shipping using big trucks depending on the size of the fiberglass pool you choose. Therefore, make sure there is ample space for the trucks and cranes to reach your backyard.

These fiberglass pools are readymade, so there are fewer chances of getting customization possible. Choose any one piece from the wide variety of designs and sizes on offer. Fiberglass pools can hold good for 10-15 years of exposure to sun and chemicals. The installation can take as little as three days to complete.

3 – Vinyl

Pools have innumerable creative possibilities, and vinyl sheet lining is one such way to create magnificent swimming pools. Vinyl lining sheets take the shape of the excavated or over-the-ground design. The construction happens over plastic or metal reinforced frames. Lining with vinyl takes the shape of the pool according to the design.

Exposure to strong sunlight and chemicals can affect the lining of the vinyl pool. Vinyl will also deteriorate with time and wear and tear. With a special added coating of the surface, these vinyl pools will work well for as long as 18 years or more.


Adding a pool to your décor can mean so much for the whole family. Swimming pools are a matter of joy for kids and adults alike. Invest in a pool that satisfies your durability needs, as installation costs are going to vary with every type.

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