Grow Perennials in Your Garden’s Dark Corner

Gardens are your escape from the noisy world in the comfort of your home. You do not have to go anywhere outside or spend a peaceful day walking around the beach. A garden does the work for you. You can walk around, touching every beautiful flower and leaf, carefully but silently appreciating its beauty. It is a therapeutic walk – an experience that you can not get anywhere else. And when you have grown the garden from scratch, it is the best thing to adore. The beauty of a garden is too calm not to notice and immediately love. The plants in your garden are almost like your babies because you have watched them grow from the seed to where they are right now. Not only did you watch them, but you were also the one who fed them enough water and took the utmost care of them, and protected them.

Is there some empty dark space in your garden?

Some people get too anxious when they see a spec of dark shade in their garden. They believe that there should be something planted in every corner of the garden. They cannot see a spot going wasted because there is no sunshine there. However, it is quite difficult not to have that shade because it is being caused by some object up there on the other side of the garden. What you can do is plant vivaces in that space. Some of you may not know that some of the perennial plants can grow even without sunlight. You must have read in school that plants need sunlight and water to grow, but there are some exceptions to everything, are there not? Perennials are beautiful plants and trees, as you must know, and they remain fresh and healthy all year round.

Which plants can you grow in shade?

You can grow several plants (especially beautiful flowers) that will bloom even in the dark. You do not have to arrange sunshine for this baby of yours as it will not trouble you. Some of the plants that you can grow here are cimicifuga (also known as a silver candle, it is a magnificent plant that gives out a pretty scent), centipede fern (slow-growing, bright green, short plant), hosta (they need minimal maintenance), and Brunner (sky blue flowers with heart-shaped leaves that have a spec of silver in them – altogether beautiful).

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