Extending Your Home T Increase Space Instead Of Moving

When you are starting to outgrow your home, you might be considering moving to a new one, but you should not rush into things, and it is worth looking at extending your current home. It can be a cost-effective solution to get the space you need and be cheaper than moving. You also have the added benefit of increasing the value of your home should you look to move in the future. Below are some factors you will need to consider when looking to extend your home and show you how simple the process can be.

Have A Plan

The first thing you will need to do is know how you want to extend your home and think about how much space you need. It is much cheaper to do a single-story extension but having a double-story one can also increase the number of bedrooms in your home. Consider what you want to do, and then get some plans created to show you the possibilities.

Speak With An Architect

Having an architect draw up plans for your home extension is worth the investment, and they can help you maximise the available space. It will also make it easier for the builder when they have plans to follow, and it can also make getting planning permission from your local council a much easier task.

Apply For Planning Permission

You can also have your architect help you apply for planning permission from your local council. How you will extend your home will dictate whether you require planning permission or not, and an expert local architect will know if you need to apply. They can submit all the plans and drawings, which can help you speed up the process of getting approval for your extension.

Find A Reputable Builder

You will also need to find a reputable builder to do the work in your plans, and your architect can often help with this. They have experience working with many builders and can recommend a Shropshire building services company that can do an excellent job with your extension. You will want to look at their online reputations to ensure they are a quality company, even with a recommendation from your architect. If possible, you will also want to look at previous work they have done, which can help ensure you select a quality building company. Once you have found your builder, the last piece of the puzzle will be getting a project manager to oversee the project.

Use A Project Manager

It is worth investing in getting a project manager for your project, especially if it is substantial. The project manager can help coordinate all the different trades and ensure everything gets done to a high standard and on time. They can also help you manage your costs; ensure they do not spiral out of control and help you shop around and get the best deal on building materials. You can do the job yourself, but you need to keep in mind it takes a lot of effort, and you may struggle when you already work full time and care for your family.

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