Clogged Drain? Is Snaking Safe?

Are you experiencing a blocked drain? A clogged drain can indicate that your pipes may be damaged or failing. If you notice a clog, call a plumber to have the drain snaked. 90% of drainage problems can be fixed by this method (mostly a clog). Sometimes the problem is more complicated. It could be that pipes are old or rusty, or that the pipe has broken.

Old cast iron pipe can rust easily and become very thin at its base and fittings. The pipe’s bottom and fittings can be eroded by water. This can lead to sewage leaks or clogs. The snake can catch on to the pipe and break it if the fittings or bottom are not present. This can also lead to equipment getting stuck. PVC pipes that are broken can also cause problems with drains. PVC can be installed correctly and there are usually no problems. If the PVC is not properly installed or damaged during installation, it can lead to plumbing problems down the line. Recurrent clogged drains are the first sign you may have a larger problem.

Because cables bend and flow with the drainage system, it is safe to snake a drain. Sewer cables are designed to fit into the drainage system and not cause damage. If you have a problem such as a blocked drain or broken pipes, the snake may get stuck and cause damage to the pipe. The plumber will not be responsible for the problem or stop the snake from clogging the drain. This is not a solution to the problem. The first step in identifying the cause of constant clogs is drain cleaning. It is usually a blocked drain. You may not be able to pinpoint the cause of the problem, but it is important to get started.

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