Artificial Turf Installation, For Green Environment

What Are Artificial Turf?

It looks like natural grass on the surface of synthetic fibers is probably used for sports that are normally or originally played on grasses. Nowadays, you can also see them being used in om commercial applications and residential laws. They were first manufactured in 1966, were installed in astrodome and the product which was specifically used was “ChemGrass” which was developed by Monsanto as AstroTurd.

The artificial turf installation is also used in homes and offices for making the atmosphere and the area more attractive and give positive vibes. AstroTurf is still registered with a trademark but is not owned by Monsanto.

A proper sub-based grass is either decomposed or road-based which will provide a perfect foundation for artificial turf and ensures the investment. The installation should have a minimum of 50mm and for public and commercial areas recommended is 75mm to 100mm. They are affordable and cheap as per your needs based on quality and inches.

Uses And Benefit Of Using Artificial Turf

  • They are easy to maintain as it does not require trimming or irrigation and are easy to install. It also saves water, time, and money as they are artificial. As per the research, they are safe, eco-friendly, and lead- free. Both rubber and granules are artificial and are easy to wash. It does not create any problem after installation.
  • It does not contain any type of chemical or pesticides, you can use it at your home gardens, care center, schools, airport, landscapes, and sports field. They are tested strictly and ensures quality and safety.
  • The artificial turf installation is expected to last over 20years with no chemical use, also, it does not require little maintenance and stays green and shiny. Rocks that are ranging from three- fourths to three-eighths of an inch are fine for sub-based artificial grass. It does not require tape or glue for installation, but it depends on the size of the area.

Winding Up

Artificial turf includes crumb rubbers, silicon sand, and PFAS chemical. The first-generation system of a turd of the 1960s was largely replaced by secondary generation and third generation which includes a mixture of granules of rubber crumb and sand. Turfs have limited lives, petroleum use, toxic chemical, periodically cleaning requirements and safety concerns, and heightened health.

 The artificial turf installation is as smooth as purchasing a product. The common material is decomposed or crushed along with aggregates. The moratorium is used for ground-up tires of rubber in playgrounds and fields that recommendations based on health concern.

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