Airbnb Property Management Solutions

If you are a rental property owner, Airbnb is your best source of short-term tenants and there are specialist property management companies that handle everything for the listing to receiving your guests at your property. If you handle your rental property yourself, this is almost a full-time job, what with listing the text and images, plus talking to potential guests about the property, as well as preparing the property for their arrival.

Comprehensive Property Management

If you partner up with a Sydney-based Airbnb property management company like Homehost, they take care of everything on your behalf, which begins with creating and managing your Airbnb account. Using professional images and sales copy, your property is advertised on Airbnb, Expedia, Bookings.com and TripAdvisor, which maximises your exposure, plus the management team maintains the listings. A leading Airbnb property management company would screen all potential guests to ensure that only responsible people rent your property.

Greeting Guests

When someone books your property, the management company would send one of their representatives to meet the guests at your property when they arrive and on departure, ensuring that all is well. This is an essential service that makes the guest feel at home and when it is time to check out, the representative would inspect the property and complete the check-out process. If you would like to learn more about this service, check out https://homehost.com.au/, a leading Sydney-based Airbnb property management company with all the solutions.

Cleaning & Preparation

When a customer vacates the property, the management team clean and refill the necessary items like towels and bed linen, ready for the next guest. All bathroom essentials would be replenished and everything inspected prior to leaving the property, making sure the property is ready for occupation.

Property Maintenance

Of course, you can’t forget building maintenance and when you utilise the services of a property management company, they regularly inspect the property and are always ready to carry out any remedial work to keep the property in first-class condition.

Furnishing & Storage

In the event you need furnishings, your management company would have access to top-quality furniture that you can rent, plus they have access to secure storage, should you wish to store items for any length of time.

Online Property Status

Once your property is under the care of a management company, you can view the current status of your property at any time using your smartphone.

With a professional property management company taking care of everything, you are free to enjoy life, knowing your rental property is making you money.

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