A Must-Have Desk Accessory for Under-Desk Footrest

Most believe that an ergonomic under-desk foot rest is a must-have accessory for every type of workplace. It makes a huge difference in your comfort and overall well-being whether you sit, stand, or do a combination of the two during the day. Here are benefits and accessories for under-desk footrest:

  1. A footrest works on the principle of support and mobility.

Raise your feet into a more comfortable position and provide additional locations for them to rest. The ergonomic under desk footrest is based on a simple but effective concept. You are more likely to move your legs about throughout the day if you have more locations to rest your feet. Postures — or movement can be varied in a nuanced way with options. And moving around at your work is relaxing, healthful, and energizing.

  1. Allowing and facilitating movement 

The foot cushion provides an excellent stretch for the calves, while the LeanRiteTM allows users to fine-tune the weight distribution between their feet and glutes, reducing low back pain and tiredness. Suppose you work in a sitting, standing, or customizable position, several advantages to employing a footrest.

  1. Elevates legs and feet to a healthy and comfortable height

 Desk-height Elevate your feet and legs to a comfortable, healthy height to avoid computer-work and posture-related RSIs. By facilitating more optimal postural angles throughout the body, you can improve posture and lessen back pain.

Footrests come in a variety of styles, including stationary, swing, rocking, and more.

Any good footrest will raise your feet to a comfortable height for your body. When it comes to movement, things get fascinating because different models allow for various movements, such as tilting, swinging, swaying, or rocking. These provide a relaxing area to rest your legs and stretch out.

They are made from a variety of materials.

Varied types will have different materials on the surface, with some having a rough surface to allow you to massage your feet and promote circulation. Most foot cushions are upholstered in either a soft microfiber fabric or a microbead grip-covered fabric with an anti-slip tread. Many rigid footrests will be finished with a sandpaper-like industrial texture.

Note: Before you go shopping, think about what kind of shoes you usually wear at your desk and whether you’d want to work barefoot or in your socks on occasion. This will help you decide which model to get. An ergonomic footrest improves the comfort of sitting while also encouraging active sitting. Consider how annoyed you were in high school if the desk in front of you lacked a footrest. It’s normal to want to raise your feet while sitting at a desk.


A under desk footrest not only supports your feet but also keeps them at a comfortable height for your body. At the desk, it encourages energetic or dynamic sitting or movement. Even a stationary footrest promotes mobility by providing multiple, comfortable places to lay your feet on its firm base or at various points along the curve of its cushion, for example.

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