5 Lawn Maintenance Tips You Should Know

You may be considering making a hobby of caring for your lawn, or you desire to save on the cost of hiring a lawn technician. Maintaining a healthy property is always a welcome development. Some DIY maintenance tips for your lawn will help keep things tidy. Read more about lawn maintenance tips from our experts at Franz Witte.

Regular Mowing

You will have to keep your lawn trimmed and tidied by mowing it regularly. However, this should be done considering the season. For instance, you should cut the lawn more frequently during summer – once weekly – and ensure the grass length is not shorter than 5 cm. This would ensure that it gives a considerable height to prevent the browning of the grass close to the ground. Note that this is more about preserving the greenery across the lawn and not that the grass dies upon turning brown. As far as the other seasons are concerned, you can do the mowing once bi-weekly.

Keep Your Lawn Hydrated

You should make sure that your lawn is appreciably hydrated – you don’t have to overdo it. You can use a watering can or a sprinkler system to take care of this. You won’t even need an expert to tell you when your lawn lacks hydration – it would be evident for you to see.

Timely Weeding

You should not tolerate weeds on the lawn as they will eventually hinder the growth of the grass. In essence, where these unwanted weeds exist, you should promptly get rid of them with a hand trowel. But if you’ll be using any chemical weed removal, you should be sure of the effectiveness and safety.

Loosen Compacted Soil

Closely inspect the lawn to check for the existence of compacted soil. The soil compaction is due to poor aeration, which usually causes the grass to grow poorly. So, once you’ve sighted any soil compaction, you should get the prongs of your garden fork into the soil – at about 10cm in – applying a rocking movement thereon to promote aeration.

Fertilize the Lawn

You may need to apply organic fertilizer on the lawn from time to time. You should carry out the application using a watering can to ensure good distribution across the yard and get the fertilizer to the roots. Optionally, you can apply the fertilizer when it’s about to rain.


With the DIY tips shared here, you may not have to reach out to any lawn maintenance firm to get the primary care done on your lawn – if your schedule permits. You will be able to keep a thriving lawn by learning how to do it yourself!

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